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Genesis Of Perdition

by Monotheist

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released May 21, 2013

All Songs (c) 2015 Monotheist. All Rights Reserved
Recorded by 2015 Monotheist. Mixed by Prophet
Mastered by Erik Tordsson. Cover Art by Gabriel Neale
(c) 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records



all rights reserved


Monotheist Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Subzero
I Have Become A God
I Have Dismantled My Future
To Shape Your Affections
Laid Out My Own Perdition
Sold My Soul To Have Yours
In The Palm Of My Hand

I Will Crush Your Heart
You Will Grow Another

I Will Ask For Nothing
Add Another Tally
As More Of My
Humanity Decays

My Perdition Is All Of You
You, That Said
You Are Different
Not Like All Of You
All Of You Are
The One Of You
Who Never Could
Match Up To Me

I Have Been Dead
for Many Seasons
My Corpse Is Feasting
On The Pseudo-Vengeance
All Of You Killed Me
The Rest Of You Will Pay

You Worship An Angry God

Unafraid Of Your Infidelity
Unafraid Of Your Absence

Give Yourself To Me
For I Am Nothing
And Have Nothing
To Give Anymore

So I'll Take
And Die Alone
With All Of Your Hearts
In My Hands
And The Tallies
On My Back
Track Name: Elegy Of The Sleepwalkers
A System Built Upon Greed
A Virus Left To Its Own Devices
Exacerbating Its
Mode Of Destruction
Decadence From Within

Perpetual Lust For Power
A Never-Ceasing Desire
To Conquer All

Corruption Thrives
On The Allegiance
Of The Ignorant
Beclouding A Multitude Of Minds
Rendering A Profound Slumber
Deepening Throughout The Ages

Enslaving The Ones
It Vows To Destroy
Leading The Sleepwalkers
Unto Fiery Graves

Resistance Subdued
The Winds Of Vicissitude
Vanquished To Oblivion

The Illusion Of
Liberty Bestowed
False Nectar
To Satiate Their
Barren Spirits

Inducing Waking Coma
Drained Of All Livelyhood
Derelict And Bare
Bereft Of Future And Hope
Greed Thrives And
Lives On Endlessly
An Illness Of
Our Own Design

Thoughts Of
Freedom Hoped For
Lead Deeper Into
The Souls Of The
World In Shackles
Servile To The Ones
We Have Condoned

The Truth Will Set Them Free
Track Name: Feeding On Pestilence
With Eyes Closed
And Opened Mouths
We Feed On Rotting Corpses
Carrion Decaying
For Years Past
To Soothe These Hunger Pangs

The More You Give
The More We Take
Never Fulfilled
Nor Satisfied
Contagion As Sustenance
For The Hungry Souls

We Loathe The
Bread Of The Past
Now We Feast
Of Decrepit Flesh
We Give Ourselves To You

Torture, Kill
From The Inside
These Illusions
Or Is It Truth

Self Serving Suicide
Destroying Earthly Temples
Putrid Carcasses
Succulent Remains
We Must Only
Fulfill Ourselves

We Welcome
With Opened Mouths
And Unopened Eyes
No Trace Of Humanity Left
Mindless Animals
Feeding On Pestilence
We Are What We Consume
Track Name: Altar Of Vanity
I. Inceptus

II. Vampirism

A Victim Of A vile Creature
Spawned To Devour
The Lives Of Men

Chasing Mammon
But In Him She
Will Find No Peace
Her Sole Purpose, To Amass
Worship At The
Altar Of Vanity

A Prodigy Of Usury
The Lives Of Others
Are But Playthings
In Her Eyes
No Sympathy
For Them Or Anyone
She Will Suck Them Dry

Her Beauty
Is Only A Mask
Hiding The Vileness
She Kills And
Moves On Again


You Think That You
Will Find Happiness
In Riches, In Glory
Only To Be Left
With Nothing
In The End

Slowly The World Will See
As Your Facade
Crumbles Away
The Pathetic Being You Are

Caring not for anyone
But yourself
A pitiful existence

You Are A Monster
Without Emotion
A Parasitic Entity
With Vain Intent

The Sun's Dim Light
Shines Through
That Hole In Your Chest
Where A Heart
Was Supposed To Be
Wasted Flesh
Track Name: The Great Awakening
A Society Lives In
The Comfort Of Its Intellect
The House That
Humankind Built
Abode Of Sleeping Spirits
Placing Trust In
The Security Of Society
“This Was Made With
Our Bare Hands
No God Needed To Spin
The Wheels Of The Machine”

But When The Machine
Begins To Fail
The Façade Of Security
Fading Away
All You Thought You Knew
Slipping Through Your Fingers
Reevaluate What
You Were Taught
What You Accepted
The Folly Of Your Hubris
Brings Destruction
All The World Mourns

The Earth Pregnant
With Plagues And Pestilence
Birth Pangs, Its Pain
Becomes Your Own
You Look For Answers
In The Hands Of The Ones
You Put So Much Trust In

(But They Are
Just As Lost As You
Unable To Perceive What’s
Beyond Their Own Eyes
Their Narrow Vision
Is Your Truth
These Are The Ones
You Worship
But Your Gods Can Die
And They Will)

As The End Approaches
There Is A Great Awakening
The Masses Cry Out To The God
They Claimed Was False
But The Living God
Will Be Their Only Hope
The Life Of Comfort You Once Knew
Is Just A Memory

The House Shattered
And Broken Down
There Is No Place
To Lay Your Head
And Hope Is All
You Have To Hold On To

Break Free From The
Carnal Lies That Hold You
Break The Chains Binding You
To This Earthly Realm
Awaken, Oh Sleeper
And Open Your Eyes
The Answers You Seek
Are All Around You
The Answers You Seek Are
Right In Front Of Your Face